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At Context, we have always appreciated the tattoo artistry and culture. That very appreciation translated to our Ink and Skin line and more recently, our Micro Context line. To some of our team members this love for the ink runs skin deep. One of the latest additions to our design team, Eric Liwski, sports some great artwork on his body. We got a chance to sit down with him and talk about his ink; see what he had to say:

At Context our vision has always been to be a multidisciplinary design group, taking on challenges from different design fields. Over the past couple months we've had the opportunity to work and collaborate with D3 Group, Inc., a high performance automotive  engineering and tuning shop, to design and prototype body kits for the 2014 Cadillac XTS and CTS. The Context team was able to provide D3 with their digital fabrication skills to speed up their prototyping process. This was made possible through the use of digital 3D modeling and CNC milling.

Context recently had the opportunity to design and build the displays for the Monterey Design Conference. The display design turned out even better than we expected (check out our conceptual design: MDC). The context team transported the pieces from Orange County to Monterey, Ca., a five hour ride that was nothing short of eventful. As soon as they arrived to the conference grounds, the team quickly got to work unloading and assembling the displays.

In honor of our current Kickstarter campaign ( we have decided to host our first annual “Design your context” competition! The short of it is this: We give you a template (4’x8’ blank context panel) and you go crazy! That’s it. This is an opportunity for you to express and display your unique design abilities with an opportunity to win sweet prizes. Best of all, if your design is real legit we may call you up for an opportunity to develop your design into our next line!

Context was recently approach by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)to propose a design of the award displays for the Monterey Design Conference. The event, which takes place later this month, brings out some of the best design professionals from around the world.

We know its been a minute since our launch show, but not to worry we have been busy at the Context headquarters over the last few months.

The sponsored team, team Loose Nuts, competed in the annual Formula-E race at the Art Center College of Design.

It has been a hectic last few months as we make the final push for the "Launch Soiree". We've been coordinating with vendors, picking up material, fabricating, designing video's, developing new lines (N.T.S.), spending hours on the phone inviting guests; all the while building some pretty spectacular stuff for the July 6th "Launch Soiree". Check out the pictures. Make sure you clear your schedule for July 6th, 8pm @ 201 W. 1st Street, Santa Ana, CA!

You are invited to the "Context Launch Soiree" on Saturday July 6th, 8pm at 201 W. 1st street, Santa Ana, CA.
Come checkout everything Context has been up to as well as furniture from DLAAF and Jesus Deloya all while enjoying the sweet sounds of DJ Tony.