Context Sponsors CSULB Formula-E Team

Context recently sponsored a group of students from the Cal State Long Beach Industrial Design Department. The sponsored team, team Loose Nuts, competed in the annual Formula-E race at the Art Center College of Design. Using context rapid prototyping equipment to develop their racer the team developed 4 iterations of their vehicle, each one improving on its predecessor. The team was composed of Context's very own Jesus Deloya along with junior industrial design student Daniel Morales. The team’s final racer, titled Frankie 4.0, competed against teams from the Art Center, CSULB, Beijing Institute of Technology, and Tsinghua University. Check out the some of the images from the event below and to read more about the competition check out the links below.

Team Loose Nuts Banner

Rapid Prototyping Components

Cutting stencils for the car's paint job.

Team Loose Nuts

The team's booth.

Frankie 4.0

Race Time!

Team H.E.R.O. and team Loose Nuts from Cal State Long Beach.

Race Day at the Art Center College of Design